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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Over the last year...

So... yeah, it's been almost a whole year since my last post!  Can you tell that having two kids is a little more hectic than just having one? :-)  This past year has been amazing, and so much has happened, but I will just update on the most recent happenings!

We have officially lived in Auburn for 16 months, and just now finalized the sale of our house in Moody after 3 long months of accepting an offer, agreeing on the contract, and dealing with delays.  The Lord is faithful, though, and it is all over with and behind us and we can finally move on!  We didn't waste any time either and already have a contract on a house in Opelika!  We are so excited to finally have our own house again!  Yay!

Jack graduated from preschool last month and will officially be in Kindergarten in just 2 months!  SO hard to believe he has grown up so fast, but he is so smart and will do such a great job in "big school."  We are so proud of him!

Charlie is 21 months now and very busy! :-)  He is so smart, funny, and into everything!  He's talking all day long and seems to learn something new every day.  We are proud of him too!!

We will have many new updates in the next few weeks as Jack turns 5 and has an awesome bowling party, and as we move into our new house!  Please pray all goes well and we close on June 30th as expected!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Charlie's 1st Haircut

Even though it hurt this mama so terribly much, we had to break down and give Charlie his first haircut before he was 1!  He has had lots of hair since the day he was born, and we finally had to get rid of his sweet mullet! :-)  Sweet Aunt Phoebe is great at cutting hair, so we knew she would be perfect for the job!  We had it done back on June 19th and he did great. Thanks again Phoebe for doing a great job and keeping us all calm!

Charlie's Baby Dedication

On Sunday, June 9th we had Charlie's baby dedication at church. We were so glad to have our family there with us to celebrate as we dedicated Charlie to the Lord!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Update from Auburn!

Sorry I haven't been the best at updating the blog, but as I've said a lot, having 2 kids keeps me pretty busy, especially now that Jack is out of school for the summer.  We have spent a lot of time playing at the park, swimming at the pool, painting here at the condo, and anything else fun we can think of!

Kurt still loves his job!  He has enjoyed being a project manager now and still really likes his clients and coworkers.  We've really enjoyed him being close to home, too, so we can go eat lunch with him, or have him come home for lunch.

Charlie just recently turned 9 months and had his checkup at the doctor.  He weighted 21 lbs 15 oz and was 28.25 inches long. He is a growing boy!  He still isn't crawling, but he's rolling around everywhere, plus has just now started sitting up from lying down. Before we know it he will be crawling and pulling up, then walking!  I can't even believe our little baby is growing up so fast!  He's so sweet and easy going and it's been so fun watching him go through each new stage. He is still obsessed with big brother Jack and I believe the feeling is mutual!  They are so cute together and Jack is very protective of his sweet brother.

Charlie is still eating baby food and taking bottles, but he's eating a lot of table food as well, and he loves it all! He would eat all day if we'd let him!  He loves getting messy but that's ok because he loves baths too!

We are still living in the condo and we really love it, but of course we'd love for our house in Moody to sell so we can finally buy a house here and officially be able to call it our home.  We've had a couple showings on our house recently, but neither worked out, but we are praying everyday for God to bring the right buyers who will fall in love with it like we did 7 years ago!

Here are some pictures we've taken lately!  Our boys just keep growing and growing and keep getting cuter and cuter (at least we think so!) :-)  There are a lot, so I'm at least giving a warning! 

First Auburn hat!

New double jogging stroller!

New booster seat!

New big boy carseat!



Sweet bedtime boys

I love Moe's BBQ!

 Bath time rocks!


Is this how you putt it in, Daddy?

Sleepy time

Eating time!

First Cheerios

Auburn baseball games

Just chillin' at home

Finish on the 50 Fun Run!

Chewacla with Daddy!

Freddie Freeman!

Fun on Samford Lawn


Jack's swimming lessons 

Cousin fun!

Fun at the pool!

Painting time!

Afternoon at Lake Martin

 9 months!

Trying so hard to crawl!


Summer Swing listening to Adam Hood